Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pastel Blue Fifties Dress.

Just been looking through some old photos from last year and came across some from my Mamma and Grandad's anniversary party. I've got to say the outfit I wore is one of my favourites! I bought it when I was in year 6 for one of my birthday parties, which was Hairspray themed! My cousin wore it for that party, I wore it on a 'big writing day' where I was sewn into it for the day as the zip broke! Amazingly this dress still fits me now, and I'm so glad that I does as its a truly gorgeous dress!

So here's some photos...
(the top photo was published in Vintage Life Magazine)

I love these photos of me and my Grandad jiving! 

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  1. This dress is stunning! I'm a fan of anything 1950s and this reminds me of Disney's Cinderella. (Which coincidentally came out in 1950! :) )



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