Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Outfit Of The Night...

So today I finally bought a faux leather jacket yay! I do have another but I painted SEX PISTOLS on the back, hehe oopsy. So on this lovely spring afternoon I got outside and motherbear took some (very posey, sorry) photos! I love this casual band shirt and cigarette pants combo! Wish I hadn't worn this top so i could wear this tomorrow but hey I have plenty of band shirts, think tomorrow's will be Metallica. Also trying out the purple goth lips, think i'll stick to red! 

Top- Arctic Monkeys Tour Band Shirt
Trousers- Topshop
Shoes- Office
Jacket- Dorothy Perkins.

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  1. I have a band tank top on right now...under my sweater at work lol, Love the pants


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