Saturday, 22 March 2014

Goodbye Normal...

So since getting my directions hair dyes from the Blue Banana competition I've been itching to use them! So today's the day! Seeing people like 'Diablo Rose' on my Facebook timeline made me want to go for the plunge! I've kept saying I want my hair like hers, and just wanting to be bright for spring! I've kept it a surprise and hadn't told anyone all day as it's wills party tonight and no one will know! Not even Will knew! 

So I went up to mums hairdresser's and had 2 hairdressers bleaching my hair in foil sections, this alone took over an hour to put in! I have really thick hair even though it's shorter now it takes agesssss! I basically had a whole roll of foil on my head! Every peice of hair was in foil, and your head gets very hot in foils!  

I used Directions in 'cerise' for the dark area in my fringe, and a mix of 'flamingo pink' and 'carnation pink' on the rest. The brightness comes from the 'carnation pink' when we top it up we're going to use just 'flamingo' as it's a little bit more wearable and not quite as bright. But I am totally in love with it! I feel so tropical! I had my hair set too which looked awesome with the pink! 


last night's tight set.

 Today's more brushed out hair.

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  1. In LOVE with the pink! Looks so good on you! I'm tempted to go blonde, but I've got really long thick dark brown hair and don't want to mega damage it. Might just bite the bullet and go for it like you have!

    1. Thank you! Was really nervous about the bleaching too! Love it now though.

  2. oh my god I love your hair!! I want to dye my hair some color too!!!
    nice post!!


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