Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New Buys.

So today me and mum went to Nottingham shopping, and I got quite a few lovely things. My first buys of the day were a pair of shoes from River Island, they were in the sale for £25 down from £45! I'd say that they were a great bargain, I tried them on in brown and black but went with the black cause hey black goes with everything. I like them because they're not a boring court shoe and have nice details on them. My next buys were socks and shorts from Topshop(which I bought with birthday vouchers and only spent in money 70p!) the socks were 3 for £9 and the shorts were £15. The embellishment on the shorts is really cute and the shorts seem like they will be a easy staple piece to wear. I also bought a vintage skirt from A Vintage Obsession, which fits so perfectly. It's tartan which I love, tartan is my favourite autumn/winter pattern. So heres a few photos...

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

My Wonderland

For my 15th Birthday I had an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party. We transformed my back garden into the Wonderland, complete with the madhatter's table. You entered the house through first a big normal door then through a tiny door like in the films, the tea party itself was mad, blue mashed potato, orange Yorkshire puddings, themed cupcakes and multi-coloured cake. It was great, we had everyone dress up too, I was the Queen of Hearts, in my own little way. Here's some photos..

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Halloween Outfit- Pin Up Girl

So I've been pretty unsure what to be for Halloween for a while but this week my new skirt from collectif clothing came and it just hit me, I'm going to be a pin up girl. Not very scary I know but don't think anyones being very scary for the party so eh. My outfit is made up from a criminal damage checked shirt which I've had ages but tied at the waist, my collectif skirt, black high heels and a red and black headscarf. I did a bit of classic makeup and my hair curled and up. Pretty excited to wear it next week yay. Heres a photo...

Thanks for viewing, I'll probably upload some from the party next week too xo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Dreaming of Dubai.

This time two years ago I would have been getting very very very excited for going to Dubai for the second time! I love Dubai its such an amazing place, we packed so much into when we went and I thought I would share some photos, and stories.
Now the first full day in Dubai was a very busy day, we went to the beach, had dinner at the golf club, then went to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to see Metallica I know it doesn't sound real or true or possible but hey that's what we did...

The day after was a little more relaxing, went to the beach, went on a walk, had a meal at the restaurant on the estate where Lindsey and Andy's house wasI love the buildings in Dubai, I was so obsessed with taking photos of them, I have so many!
Day 3 we went to Wild Wadi, which is a water park. The first time we went to Dubai we went to the Atlantis water park. The Wild Wadi has in my opinion better rides but Atlantis is a lot nicer if you're planning on doing some sun bathing or lounging on a lazy river. That night we went out for our meal.

The 4th day we went for afternoon tea, and we went shopping to 'Inbatuta Mall' one of the many malls. Afternoon tea in Dubai is amazing, so much lovely food! That night we stayed in and had a garden sing song.

Day 5! The Berj Khalifa, as a person who is scared of heights the tallest building in the world is just a wee bit terrifying. The lift was one of the most scary parts to be honest, when your up at the top you kinda feel like you're at Lego Land! You can see for miles and it really is amazing, seeing Dubai from the ground is great but from high up its incredible. That day we shopped in the Mall of the Emirates too, and spent possibly hours in Forever 21. After all this me and Andy went to Sega Republic, second time I've been but its so great! It has rides and games and well its just fantastic! That night we had a meal out and watched the dancing fountains.

Last day, we went to Merdith Mall for a bit then to an outlet mall where there was a huge converse outlet! Oh and a cold stone creamery(ever get a chance, go to a cold stone creamery THEY ARE UNREAL) That night we went back to the Mall of the Emirates to St Maxims an amazing steak place.

So hopefully I've done a good job showing my love of Dubai to you all, I hope I get to go back soon!
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