Friday, 28 December 2012


I have an unbelievable love for doctor martens- I have these 2 pairs of beauties and a thigh high pair of black ones and the ones I wear for school which are back shoe-docs which everyone calls 'granny shoes' but I really dont care I love them:)

Christmas goodies!

My beautiful best friend bought me a hell bunny dress for Christmas! I love it!! So cute, and my head/ear warmer thing from my godmother it's ted baker and says "cheer up Molly" inside, almost as if it was made for me!

Top I made.

I thought i'd show those who read this aka you, the top I made. The fabric was from ikea, and I cut around a top I already have. Took about 4 hours, pretty happy with it. Shorts from new look:)

Iccle birdy necklace

Thought i'd share a Christmas present with whoever reads this, my mum got me this I think it's so cute it's on a short necklace length so cute.