Saturday, 29 June 2013


Hey everyone! Prom was pretty good last night, just as I thought the getting ready and having photos was my favourite parts! I was so happy how well my make up turned out too! I did mine, Hannah and Sue's make up and was pretty pleased with all of them. My dress as I've posted before felt great on and I got so many lovely comments on it! I felt like a princess when I was all ready which was great! My mum did my hair in a quite naturalish style, with flowers which again I had many lovely comments on. My friends all looked lovely too! Heres some photos from the night- enjoy! xo

Laura had her dress custom made with her pokemon material that she had made! she looked so beautiful!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Prom day!

It's finally here! I've got a slow start to a busy day this morning, nails are painted, hairs curled ready to be put up, make up is all packed up for later! I've lay all my jewellery out ready, hung my dress in my room. I'm so excited for getting ready! Going to feel like a princess! Photos will probably be up tomorrow! Maybe some later too. Have a lovely day everyone! 

Friday, 21 June 2013


I'm thinking of starting doing some review style posts, these posts might include:
-Shops/ Brands
-Make up
-Make up tools/ accessories
-Hair products/ tools

I'm also wondering if to start doing makeup tutorial posts& possibly videos, watch out for changes!

1 week till prom!

So its a week today until prom, really excited! Well for the getting ready part! Got everything sorted now: undies, bag, shoes, jewellery, everything! In this post I thought I'd show you everything I've got!

Here's where its all kept, in my little Vivienne bag:

This is the bag im taking, its really small but beautifully detailed, my mamma gave me this to take:

 Most recent purchase; Mac nail lacquer in 'Girl Trouble' it's a really sparkly lovely lilac colour. I'm thinking of wearing a limited edition Barry M lilac under it too as it is quite thin.

Undies! Everyone knows you've got to feel pretty in your underwear when wearing pretty things on the outside. These gorgeous undies are the 'Rosie' range at Marks and Spencer's.

I'm going to wear this vintage brooch on my dress, I got it from 'A Vintage Obsession' in Nottingham
I'm going to wear my great mamma's opal ring that she left me, its so lovely. Opal is my birthstone.

 Mum had this as a surprise for me this morning, she knows I love anything Vivienne so got me one of the lovely perfumes.


Cute little lilac phone case from amazon.
Last but definitely not least; my beautiful Vivienne Westwood necklace.