Friday, 28 February 2014

Foam rollers.

So we ordered some foam rollers off Amazon the other day and I'm trying them for the first time. As my mums a hairdresser she put them in for me and she said that it was quite simple, after the tricky bit of getting these little things open. You basically just twist your hair around the foam barrel, they're really soft and squishy! Great for sleeping on! So this morning I went for a jog and they stayed in perfectly! The clip bits on them are really useful.

 We bought these after seeing lots of hair dressers and vintage hair people raving out how good they were!

Here's some images:

With the rollers in...

Here's before brushing the curls out...

Here's when I'd brushed them softly and styled the front...

This is the roller itself, the spongy section in the middle unclips...

I hope this has been useful for you viewers!xo


On Saturday I went to Birmingham with sue, we went especially to see the Illamasqua 'drop in masterclass' which sadly I wasn't too impressed with but we did get to do some shopping! I bought a 'setting powder' which is like an illuminating power from MAC in their current collection in the colour 'perfect topping' as I've started to do a slight contour in my makeup and wanted something to brighten up my cheeks a little. I've got to say I was a little disappointed in Forever 21 this time, although I did end up buying a midi summer dress and a necklace. There just didn't seem to be much spring clothes in, it seemed very jumbled and a little tacky sadly. I got a cute dress in the Zara sale for £13, I call it my Wednesday dress as it's a little bit Wednesday Addams. Lastly I bought some underwear from Ann Summers as we spotted they had an offer on Knickerbox bras 2 for £25, bargain! The pants were on 2 for £12 too and when you spent £50 you got £10 off! Talk about your savings! Of course we bought some Krispy Kremes too! 

Here's some photos- 

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Today me and momma bear went to derby shopping after I went for my theory driving test- which I passed yay! So we went for cake at Patisserie Valerie, then got down to shopping. I went and got re-measured at M&S (ladies they have an offer on at the moment where you get £5 off £30 of lingerie if you get measured in store) and got some lovely new undies. We went to Debenhams and I finally got the extremely popular Naked 2 palette, which I can't wait to use tonight! I got a bargain skirt from Topshop in the sale which is so pretty and going to look fabulous for spring and a got a lovely pastel cropped jumper, which goes great with the skirt and will look so good with my blue frilly socks and my Swedish Hasbeens which are the best type of wooden sandals! I will probably have even more fun posts up this week as I'm going to Nottingham on Friday and Birmingham on Saturday, which I'm really excited about as me and sue are going to an Illamasqua master class!

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Pin Up Inspired Makeup.

On Friday my outfit, hair and makeup was pin up inspired. For this look I did a pretty basic flicked eye liner, matte skin, defined brows and red lips, the makeup I used was mainly Illamasqua with my YSL lipstick. I did these cheeky morning selfies for the Illamasqua's #imtheone competition,  hence the rollers left in, I didn't go to college with them in I promise! So here's a few cheeky shots, my shirt is from topshop and the skirt which you can't see if from forever 21. 

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Blue Banana Directions Competition

Hey everyone! I had an email the other morning from Blue Banana telling me that I've won the Directions hair dye blogger competition! I'm so excited! And shocked! Can't wait to choose a colour to try first I'll do a post as soon I get them! Thank you to all those who've viewed the post, and especially to Blue Banana for choosing me as the winner! This is the first competition I've won through blogging and it's made me a lot more confident to enter more and hopefully blog in general more! My blog has the most views in a month that it's ever has last month that must mean it's getting out to a lot more people now, which is great!  Thank you if you're a usual viewer or a new viewer, feel free to leave any comments on any posts- questions or anything. 

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Sunday, 2 February 2014


Although winter is slowly(very slowly) coming to an end I still love a good mustard combo, I guess mustard is really an autumn colour but the way the sun was shining this morning and the colours of nature I chose this outfit. I guess my outfit was based around my vintage case, an item I've been in love with for 2 years, I bought it from a antique shop as I'd fell in love with it and couldn't bare the thought of anyone else having it. My inspiration for this little I guess photoshoot was an old train station, I went on the train last week and it made me think how glamourous women used to dress to travel. Lastly 'Russian' headbands and hats are supposed to be in at the minute so I thought I'd give it a little vintage twist and have a chance to wear my fluffy collar. Enjoy...

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ITonight we went out for Lauren's birthday and I wore my new Doc Martens tea-shirt. I wore it with my topshop snake skin leather front skirt and black wedges and of course my goregous Viv bag. Mum had blow dried my hair and put sleep in rollers in it, and I used some of my favourite make up bits and pieces. I used Illamasqua skin base foundation, precision gel liner, mascara, eyebrow cake and hydro viel, I also used the new baby skin primer from maybelline, a Dior palette with blues in and my new ysl lipstick in shade 01 and lip liner in shade 19. 

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