Wednesday, 30 April 2014

ASOS Delivery!

I love a good ASOS delivery and especially when I had taken advantage of their 50 items offer the other day! I had been looking at these trousers after I had bought my other wide leg trousers, and loved the sweet floral print on them, the top was the one the model on the website was wearing and I loved how it looked so went for that too. 

These trousers are a different texture to my other ones, they're heavier material but I imagine they would still be quite cool to wear in warm weather. Again I love the fit of these trousers! I have always been so against trousers but I am loving trying out new styles! The top is a really comfy top, its quite oversized so it's baggy which gives the trousers a bit more of a casual look but is still nice enough to be worn as a dressy top.

Here's a photo I posted my Instagram:

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Cheeky Nottingham Trip.

So yesterday college told us that today was going to be a training day, so as fashion students we all decided day off means shopping day! 

We went on the train this morning at 10 and got home at 5 so it's been a long shopping day and my feet are killing, especially as I've worn my Swedish Hasbeens! And it's been so warm today! I didn't have to wear tights or a jacket!

To be honest there wasn't really much that I liked in most of the shops, which was a bit disappointing. But I'm really happy with the things I did get which makes me happy. 

I bought a cute little stripy crop top from Zara which will be great for a casual summer outfit. The skirt I've had my eye on for a couple of weeks and today I couldn't resist buying it! I love it so much, it's so folky and boho, the top gives it a Spanish feel to the outfit, which is a summer look that I really love. Off the shoulder tops are great for summer!

Love this pattern!

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Wide Leg Trousers.

Last night we went out to the Indian for a nice meal with my friends and I wore my new outfit. I felt so comfortable and really summery. Wide leg trousers are a really great option for people with a small waist but big hips and bum! Never knew how much I would love them! I might even but some other prints, these were from Zara and my cropped cami was from River Island. I really love this shade of pink for this top! I also wore my new Illamasqua lipstick in 'Soaked'. 

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Meadowhall Trip.

So I thought I'd do a little post on my shopping trip to Meadowhall today, the outfit I wore was quite 1950's inspired with the polka dot midi skirt and off the shoulder top, I also wore my Vivienne Westwood pearls and Swedish Hasbeens.

Me and Mum had planned to go to Meadowhall for my Illamasqua make over at Debenhams. The lady that did my makeup was really lovely, I asked her to do something that I couldn't do myself and that was different to my usual look. The makeup she did was quite amazing, really dark eyes using gel eyeliner as eyeshadow and using purple pigment and the Paranormal Palette, really defined brows, bright lips, blush, bronzer and foundation. Like I said it was amazing, but not so much on me. I felt quite uncomfortable in this much makeup, the eyes were too dark for my pale skin and made me feel like a panda/ drag queen. The brows were completely different to how I've ever done them and I felt they changed the shape of my face. I love Illamasqua makeup and it was a great experience but I don't think that amount of makeup is for me! I did love the ombré lip she gave me and bought the 2 colours she used 'Glisade' and 'Soaked' from the Glamour Collection which I've had my eye one for a while. 

I also bought a pink flowy cami top from River Island for £10, and these amazing trousers from Zara for £19.99. I might actually wear these together as I love the combo! 

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


It was my friend Alex's birthday yesterday so I thought I would share what I wore to her party with you. I bought this skort a couple of weeks ago and its really comfy, it's a soft, stretchy fabric and was a really good price! (£13 from Ark) I had been looking at skorts for a while but hadn't found a pattern I liked as much as this one, the monochrome gingham is a print I'm loving at the moment. I wore it with a simple black cami from Topshop, tights and my chunky heels from Primark.

With the Birthday Girl! (Alex's playsuit was from Ark too, it was really cute!)

I also did Alex& Sue's make up last night, here's a photo I posted on my Instagram-

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tea For Two!

I cannot believe what a gorgeous day it's been! Me& mum went to Chatsworth for afternoon tea today (yes more afternoon tea, very English, very lovely!) it was gorgeous! We sat out in the sunshine before we went in, there was so many people at Chatsworth! We were saying how so many people don't know how to dress for this type of weather because you think it's colder than it is, but it looks really sunny! Some people were still in full coats and heavy clothes, others in their summer wardrobe. Me and mum chose the summer wardrobe option! I wasn't cold at all and this is what I wore! I had a small cropped cardigan on too but that was on 3/4 sleeves. 

sneeky instagram selfie...

The afternoon tea itself was lovely! We had little sandwiches, fruit scones with jam and cream and little puddings which were a chocolate moose, strawberry moose and jelly slice and a chocolate profiterole. Not to mention a glass of Champagne each too, which is always a fabulous edition! The staff at Chatsworth are really lovely too! My days with my Mum are always so lovely, I'm so lucky to have such a fabulous mum! 

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Is That Sunshine?

Opened my curtains this morning to see the lovely weather today! Which instantly put me into summer mode, which now somehow means pink to me! Me and my friend Alex went to Belper for some lunch and a walk around in the sunshine which was really nice, later we went to Jodie's for a bit and sat in her garden with a few of our friends. 

I really liked today's outfit, the dress is a old favourite- I've had it for about 2 years now but I just love the colour, pattern and shape of it! The cardy is even older, it's Illustrated People at Topshop but I wear it with everything when I want to look more dressed down. I wore my pink Asos shoes to finish off this super pink outfit!

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Partyyyyy Attire.

So it was Jodie's birthday yesterday and her party last night so I thought I'd share mine and Sue's outfits for the night with you! My outfit was I would say Morticia Addams based with a little Satin, Moulin Rouge laceyness. With my obvious pink colour pop! I loved Sues sexy little dress! Looked so good on her lovely figure.

My cami is from Topshop worn with my Dita Von Teese bra underneath to give a laced edge effect, my skirt is Forever 21 & shoes are Primark. Sue's dress is from Bank and shoes from New Look.

 Here's some photos:

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Homemade Halter.

So the other night I was feeling creative and wanted to do some sewing, I've been looking at patterns for a fifties style cropped halter for a while but thought to myself 'I know the basics of pattern cutting so try it yourself!'. So that's what I did, it's not amazing but I'm really quit proud of it, as a first attempt. I found this cute fabric in a bag of fabric my mamma's friend had given me and the pom pom trim I found in a draw(no idea how it got there!) Here's some (slightly posey!) photos...

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