Saturday, 28 December 2013


Me and mum went to the sales yesterday and well i've got to say i did pretty well. I was almost crying at one point! We went to Medowhall early to beat the crowds.I got; a red Ted Baker coat, a top, skirt and dress from Topshop, a fluffy collar from Urban Outfitters, 2 bras and 2 sets of pants from Victoria's secret, and last and by no means on the planet least... my amazing beautiful Vivienne Westwood bag (que the jumping screaming and crying) So i had a pretty amazing day! I also bought an Illamasqua highlighter brush. & from the online sales i got a Fred Perry Polo and mittens!

Here's some photos!!

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Christmas makeup!

For Christmas I got the Illamasqua skin trinity which is the hydro-gel, skin base foundation and skin base lift. These products are all incredible, I have had lots of problems with my skin at the moment including eczema on my eyes and very dry and itchy bloches on my cheeks, yet the hydro-veil has seemed to help these as it seems to do a lot more than just prime the skin, the skin base lift completely covers all the redness around my eyes and the foundation is so long lasting and covers all redness on my cheeks and all spots. The other Illamasqua set I got was the black Christmas gift set, this includes a pigment eyeshadow in 'Zeitgeist' which is a sparkly black, a pressed matte black eyeshadow called 'Obsidian', a sealing gel, an amazing pair of eye lashes, brow cake in 'Thunder', masquara in 'Raven', an eyeliner pencil in 'S.O.P.H.I.E', an absolutely amazing liquid eyeliner and a nude lipgloss. This set is truly fabulous, already created so many looks with it! Plus it came with a booklet on how to create different looks.

 Here's some photos of my goodies... 

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Thursday, 26 December 2013


So this years Christmas has been a good one, a little bit different to the usual. I woke up at 7, although I had woken up every hour before that as I'm a massive child. Went and put my do they know it's Christmas record on full blast to wake my parents up and ran and jumped on them shouting ITS CHRISTMAS, went down stairs and opened all my lovely presents, my main present was my car, my gorgeous 2006 Toyota Aygo whom I have named Penelope. My mum had put a big gift tag with my name on it that she'd made specially. After presents and chocolate orange me and dad went for a drive in Penelope, found it a bit tricky cause the car I have lessons in is a diesel and it's very different. Listened to Christmas songs the whole drive, got home and got ready in my red Christmas dress and new makeup. My mamma and grandad came round, followed by my godmother, then my friend Hannah (tradition that we see eachother as we've done it since I can remember) had a but of telly time before all the family arrived for dinner. We have dinner at our house and mum does a massive turkey and amazing Yorkshire puddings. I love Christmas dinner especially cauliflower cheese! After taking on dinner me and my cousin had chocolate gu pots and then we all played the game dad got for Christmas 'bullshit', sounds simple but attempting to play games on Christmas with a rather tipsy family is always difficult. After this mum instisted on everyone playing roulette (which none of us understand very well) then we all watched telly for a bit aka festive iron man 3 as dad had the remote. All the family slowly departed after this, we watched some more films, will came round and we watched all the Christmas specials with mar and par. Well mar did fall asleep in the middle of most of them and didn't understand what was happening at all. I think that's all, I really enjoyed Christmas this year. I feel it was more relaxed but when writing this seems totally jam packed! 

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas/  a holly jolly Christmas xo

Friday, 20 December 2013

Howl by Illamasqua.

So recently with my illamasqua order I got a free lipstick in 'Howl' this is a orangey-red colour, its quite a dry lipstick but thats what i would expect from a matte colour. It's very pigmented in colour and lasts a long time. I love a good red lippy, and for me this is a bit different to my usual(normally use MAC-Russian Red) i would say that this is a lighter red as well as being tonally different. I really like this lipstick and will be using it a lot over christmas! Heres some pictures and swatches:

without flash ( MAC- Russian Red on left, Illamasqua- Howl on right)

 with flash

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Clothes show!

So we went to the clothes show with college last week, it was crazy. The beauty area was amazing, so many makeup brands and hair stuff. I spent about £30 in the first ten minutes! Which I don't regret at all! First of all we went to models own where you got 5 nail varnishes for £10, and you got a free goodie pack! Then to bare minerals, I got the starter kit which is meant to be about £40 which I got for £20 that has loads in, 2 foundations, a bronzer, a setting powder, a concealer, a concealer brush, and two different face brushes- BARGAIN! I was a little disappointed with the clothes stalls, for me it was alright because they had a few nice vintage ones but most of the others were like crappy market stalls, or slutty dresses. We went to the main show which was great and we went to see this years Top Models do their thing! My favourite was Angel she's so adorable! I got a 80s velour black dress! I'm talking proper 80s, off the shoulders, rosette in the middle 80s dress! A pink spotty dress which is adorable, and a blouse that is circus themed with an elephant and a seal on!! Pastely adorableness!! I also got some sleep in rollers, sparkly of course! They're pretty good, I got free hairspray and a round brush, all this for only £10!  

Here's some photos!

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