Friday, 28 March 2014

Nottingham Haul.

So I got some pretty fab things today, some could say I went a little over board with the gingham, but those people would be wrong.

These shorts are from the vintage shop WILD in Nottingham, they are so cute on! They caught my eye because of the adorable little pink stripes in the pattern! I've seen quite a few shops doing this style shorts for this season and I love being able to get on trend stuff at a much lower price! 
The sunglasses are also from WILD, I spotted them while paying and just had to have them! The pink on them looks great with my hair.

I've been looking for a skort for agessss, but never found one I liked enough to buy! I got this one from Ark for the tiny price of £12.99! I loved the pattern and the fit is pretty good although the sizing on the labels was awful!

Praise the Lord- Hallelujah! Finally a pair of proper high waisted shorts! These little beauties are from Topshop £30.Most shorts which say they are 'high waisted' are normally to your natural waist which is above your hip bones as we were told by one of our tutors yesterday. These sit on my waist which is the fit i want! They are a little roomy on the back of the waist but I expect that as to fit my hips and bum. 

I always walk past 'Beautiful U Hair & Beauty' when I go to Nottingham and see the 2 pots of Directions for £5 and now my hair is finally pink again I went and used this great offer! I wanted to get some Manic Panic too but its so expensive to buy in shops so I'm going to have a look online instead. These two colours are on the left 'Cerise' and on the right 'Flamingo Pink'.

And finally my new beauty...

 For Christmas my friend Hannah got me a £20 Vivienne Westwood voucher as I love all things Viv, and today I finally spent it! I bought this gorgeous little bracelet. I've been looking at getting a Viv bracelet for a while and only wanted a simple one, although today I was drawn in by her Harp range but went for a more classic one instead.

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  1. Beautiful haul x I'm loving gingham too

  2. Hi Molly! I admire your blog, so I decided to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award! In the case that you haven't already been, that is! Here's my post on it if you're interested!

    Loving these items you bought, by the way!

    - Hannah Paige from


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