Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pink Hair Maintenance...

A lot of people will think having pink hair or any brightly coloured hair that it will last a few washes, with me and most people- that's not the case. It will fade very fast! Even on bleached hair, if you're wanting it to fade to a pastel tone make sure you have white coloured hair first as if there's a yellow tone it will go a pretty bad colour. With my hair having to be bleached it is pretty damaged so keeping it in good condition is essential. 

So here are my top tips for maintaining brightly coloured hair& keeping it in good condition:
1. Wash it with cold water.
2. Mix a small amount of dye in to a conditioner, leave this on for around 10 minutes. (I mix 'rose red' with conditioner to achieve my pink) 
3. Use dry shampoo instead of washing hair! I only wash my hair once a week, which sounds bad but try to do different styles and regularly dry shampoo! 
4. Try not to use hot styling appliances (straighteners, curling irons) I use rollers on wet hair to achieve curls. 
5. Use shine spray to achieve a shine as bleached hair is very dry and can lack shine. 

This is Monday's hair style, this style used no backcombing. Try to avoid backcombing is also better for your hair, as bleached hair can easily brake off. 

Thanks for viewing! Leave any hair tips you have or any questions that I might be able to answer!xo


  1. Wow!,,love your hair!

  2. Your hair is super cool but I get what your saying about the fade I dye mine ginger and it's high maintenance xx x


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