Thursday, 30 May 2013

Make over post.

Tonight my best friend gave me a chance to be her 'personal stylist' I did her hair, make up and helped choose her dress and shoes. I was pretty impressed how well her make up went to be honest! Her dress is lipsy, I used a triple barrel waver to do her hair and used a range of different make up including 'Mac' foundation and 'Beauty uk' eyeshadows.

Firstly I did her hair with 'Diva- Heat Wave' wavers, which are very easy to use and give a great effect! I then used 'Mac' primer all over her face and eyes, applied 'Mac' concealer around her eyes and on spotty areas. Next I applied 'Mac- Studio Fix Foundation' all over her face. I used 'Techniques Brushes' to apply the whole base layer. Her smokey eyes were done by using a 'Betty Jackson' black kohl eyeliner along the lid and water line of the eyes, the pencil line was then smudged using a square edged brush up the outer sides of her eyes, I then applied a white eyeshadow into the inner corners of her eyes, smudging it into a light grey colour and then into a darker grey and black. I used 'Maybelline's gel liner with an angled brush along her eyelid close to the lashes. I also used this at the edges under her eyes. She then used a 'No7' mascara on her lashes.

Vintage Fair

Finally uploading the photos of the great dresses from the vintage fair! So sorry for the wait, loved these the most and wish I could have bought them! Sadly I would never have had a chance to wear them but here's a couple of photos!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Leavers outfit

Today I left school, cry cry. But tonight it's party time so here's tonight's outfit...

Top- topshop
Jeans- next
Shoes- river island 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Vintage Clothes

I love vintage clothes and collect them, some of these are things I've bought and others are family hand-me-downs, anyways enjoy...

This was my mum's.

This was from The Vintage Faire- £30

This was my Mamma Ruby's

This was from Matlock Antique Centre

My mum's friend Jane gave me this after an 80's weekend.

This is the underskirt my mamma's friend gave me, it's too big so I use it as a dress.

These are wedding suits my mamma had for weddings, I love the blouse.

1950's dress from Backlash in Nottingham

Cute dress from the vintage fair

Charity shop bargain.
Free cardy from the Vintage Fair

Belt from A Vintage Obsession, skirt from I think was Braderie in Nottingham

The dream lists...

Just some beautiful things which I love...


Vivienne Westwood goodies....

Other designer beauties...

(Top dress is vintage Chanel) 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

New posts...

Going to post some more 'wish list' style posts and generally just more posts, feel free to leave any comments on my posts would love some feedback 

New things

Ordered these cute things from topshop today, love love love them! So summery, hopefully will wear them both at ynot, might wear the top for leavers party next week

Tonight's outfit

Me& my mum went for an Italian tonight then to the cinema sorry for the bad photos but yeah tonight's outfit...

Sorry about the messy floor too, shoes though;)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Style Icons

Absolutely love these two lovely ladies, putting them together shows how similar they are in looks, which is strange. Been told on a few occasions that I look like them, which to me is a huge compliment!  

Sunday, 12 May 2013

1950s dress

Last night I wore my gorgeous 1950s blue dress to my mamma and grandad's party. I got this dress when I was 12, it has been worn for my hairspray by my cousin and for 'big writing day' at school in year 6, so last night was its first night out really! I've wanted to wear it for ages but not felt comfortable enough to wear it, last night I felt great and got told I looked it too! Today I sent one of the photos off to 'Vintage Life Magazine'. Wore my prom shoes which killed my feet too!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Vivienne Westwood necklace

So me and mum went to Nottingham on bank holiday Monday, got some mac foundation which is perfect, we went to the Vivienne Westwood shop! Yes heaven itself! Mum bought me the most perfect necklace ever for prom! I am the luckiest girl in the world, wanted to cry with joy all day! So beautiful!