Monday, 26 August 2013

The Fashion Sketchpad

I have something really cool to show you which I've had a while but never posted before, sounds boring to some but its a sketch book. Not an ordinary sketch book though one specifically designed for designing clothes. It has some pages in the front some explanation pages, a 'garment encyclopaedia', 'textile glossary', 'industry terms',  recommended reading sites and the rest is filled with 420 croquis. Another fabulous thing about it is when you photograph or scan your designs the body outlines disappear! This amazing book was created by and you can get it on amazon for under £10! Which its definitely worth! I got mine as a present from a lovely lady called Alison.

Here's some photos!

The front is simple with little shiny silver dots all over and a 'designs by:' space for your name

The image below will take you to the book on amazon.

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Godmother's Birthday.

So yesterday was my Godmothers birthday party, we had a lovely afternoon eating homemade bread and drinking vodka cocktails. For her little present from me I made her some bunting just 3 double sided triangles on ribbon, she's not one for bright colours or anything too fussy. So I used a lovely grey fabric that I got from ikea a while ago. (made a top with it, shown here) I was quite happy with it even if I did have a little battle with my sewing machine! But she loved it, here's some photos of the finished product! 

Also here's a cheeky shot of what I wore yesterday, wore my Tokyo Doll dress for the first time! Got it last year but never worn it, has a gorgeous open back and is about mid shin length.
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Favourite eyeliners!

I love a good eyeliner pen as I have eyeliner flicks most days, I cant use liquid as I get in too much of a mess but a good pen is essential to me! Recently I've started searching for just the right one, I usually use Collection 200 EXTREME liner which is quite thick, I have lots of these as they're cheap and are easy to use.

Collection 2000 EXTREME liner - £2.99
But earlier this year after a long time of wanting and dreaming I bought the YSL shocking liner (I got it half price and duty free!) it is amazing! It goes on a great black and has a long tip which makes thin lines, yet sometimes it is difficult to use. Also in the photo below is Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner, which is very good in comparison to the YSL liner. Its tip is slightly shorter but makes a great high street comparison.

Maybelline Master Precise- £5.99
YSL Shocking False Lash Effect Eyeliner - £24
Here's a comparison of tips for the high street banded eyeliners.

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New Earrings

Thought I'd do a mini post on some earrings I bought this week, these caught my eye straight away as I love Russian dolls! These were from New Look, they were only £4.99 which is great for 6 pairs of earrings! So far worn the red dollies the most (they're my favourites!)

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hair Saviours!

So this year I have bleached my hair 4 times, which can make your hair feel dead and thin. Hair can loose it's shine and look dull. As a daughter of a hairdresser I have lots of products to stop this, here are some of my favourites!

I love the mythic oil shampoo and conditioning treatment, they make my hair feel soft and they smell good too! The IQ treatment is fab too, makes your hair smooth and silky.

I use these when drying my hair, the equave tones out orangey tones and the uniq one makes it soft and easy to brush, only just started using this but its so great! Mythic oil smooths my hair and makes it shine its also great on lifeless dry ends!

Little black dress.

So I've started making my 'college wardrobe' Here's one of the dresses I ordered, its a bodycon style dress from new look, it was only £9.99! I wore it to work the other day and took a few photos it's so comfy and looks great with my bowler hat!

Might sound silly but I felt pretty French in this outfit!
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Results Day!

So a couple of days ago I got my GCSE results! I was so happy, this year I worked incredibly hard for my GCSEs and gladly it all paid off. My three favourite subjects are Art, History and English(literature) in all these subjects I got A's. I a B's in Science and ICT& a C in RE. So obviously we had to celebrate! We had a celebratory get together at my house! Here's some photos!

Me& Mum before I collected my results.

This is my boyfriend Will showing off his 'farmer chic' outfit.

My best friend Sue looking like a princess as always and our friend 'butler Luke'.

Me, Charlotte and Jodie.

Me and Lauren (who later on got dragged into a hot tub fully dressed)

Me& Sue.

Me& Manya (who always looks fabulous! loving her illustrated people two piece!)

Just a group shot of everyone having a good time!
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mini Outfit Of The Day Post.

Today me and mum went to Belper for dinner and a walk round. So because it was a nice morning mother took some photos of me in the garden. Pretty simple outfit for today; just a nice blouse, skirt and brogues.

Skirt and Blouse from New Look, Shoes from H! By Henry Holland, Socks from Dorothy Perkins.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Tie dye top- Dan Guyler.

So I've posted before about my tie dye tops, I've taken them off eBay now because they're not selling on there. I still will be selling if I get contacted though.

Anyway on to the main point of this post, one of my best friends Danny wears his top all the time (made it him for his birthday) he's in a band called 'Parasight' they're great! You should check them out-

Here's some photos of wearing his top while playing-

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Hell Bunny Dress.

Now I really do love hell bunny dresses they are so lovely, also you can get so many varities some can be 'grunge' style but they also do beautiful vintage style patterns on the vintage style dress. This week we went to a lovely shop in Stratford called 'Aspire'. It was filled with lots of different brands of gorgeous dresses and lovely clothes! When I saw my dress my heart skipped a beat it is so beautiful, it's fun yet classy i'd say! It was fifty five pounds worth of beauty. I have never seen a hell bunny dress with the same cross over work on the bust line. What makes it even better is the name of the dress 'sassy blue'. Anyway without further ado heres the dress, and some pose-y photos(sorry!)

its good to have a hairdresser as a mum!

Wrap dress

Someone who comes to my mums hairdressers brought me a dress in today, would say it's more retro than vintage(yet vintage inspired). It's a beautiful wrap around dress with beaded detail on the shoulders, it's cream. I would probably never have chosen this in a shop because on a hanger it doesn't look half as gorgeous as it does on! Sadly no label in it but so so lovely!

Here's some photos!


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dr Martens post!

I've posted my love of docs here before but its back again! I got a new pair yesterday,  some of the gorgeous Agnes Deyn collection. This brings my total up to.....7! So today I got them all out and lined them up (got to say they look great!) and took some photos. I don't think I could put my love of docs into words, they are just the best shoes ever really. Theyre so comfy, and in the winter they keep you warm (the hot weather is kinda making me a little sad cause I want to wear them!) , in my opinion they look really good too! All the styles, patterns and colours you can get now amazes me!(even when I just want some plain matte black ones now!)

heres the collection!

ankle highs.

I wear these the most, they were my second pair.

These were from good results last year.

Christmas presents, which I haven't worn much yet (this makes me sad)

high boots.

Had these for Christmas too, 21 eyelet beauties!

These were my first docs, I wear them in the snow mostly now.

My newest editions, gorgeous Agnes Dyens.
Pretty detail.

Last years school docs, lasted better than any other school shoes ive ever had ( usually go through 3 pairs of converse)


All together!
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