Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wedding Attire.

On Saturday night we went to wedding, always the perfect excuse to get all dressed up! So I'd ordered a new dress, it was the first time I'd ordered from Misguided to say how much the dress cost it's really really nice! I love the colour, shape and how it flows, the only downside was the fit really, when I tried it on the first time it was fine but when I put it on the night before the wedding the straps seemed too long and were making the front not sit quite right. It was an easily fixable problem really I just had to sew the straps a little shorter, which I'm guessing is because of my lack of boobs to hold it up. 

My mums dress was from Asos, I really loved the colour and shape of her dress! We've both gotten into fake tanning this week and St Tropez is now our best friend! Jess' jumpsuit was from New Look.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

TV Fame!

On Saturday Dickinsons Real Deal came to Alfreton so me, my Mamma and Grandad just had to go! We love the show and were all really excited! It was really interesting to see how they do everything and its not as simple as it looks on telly!

When we got there we were given a number, ours was 42. We then went over to where they were filming the introduction to the show, they also filmed the 'welcome back after the break' and 'we've had a great day, bye' kinda things at the beginning too, watch out for me in these bits because for some I'm right in the middle. After that everyone sat down and waited for the groups to go up and have their 'valuables' valued. This is when a man came over to talk to me and asked to see my item as I looked 'interesting' and 'good for the show'. We went to a lady and talked through the story of what we had brought, a synthetic ruby ring. After this was a lot of filling forms and waiting round, but after a while I got miked up, had to say some cringey things in front of the camera, then got on with our deal! I was surprised how confident I was as in front of cameras I get really nervous speaking. Anyway I'm not going to tell you the outcome, as I'll wait and see if my deal has made it onto ITV! 

Here's some photos from the day...

Me& my dealer

With the man himself David Dickinson!

 Grandad, Me, David and Mamma.

After this I went and bought fake tan as you can see my ghostly presence next to everyone!

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DIY Halter Band Tee.

Sorry about the lack of blogging recently, been rather busy! But hey I've had a great busy day at college, working on my 'Armoured Trousers' project, I'll try and get some photos of them soon to show you guys and maybe photograph my sketchbook! So it's like 5 weeks till the end of year fashion show so hopefully everything will be done by then!

Anyway that's all off subject for this post! Well kind of sewing all day put me in the mood to be creative at home too! So I found out an old top I never wear any more and started cutting! I'm in love with halter tops at the moment (& will hopefully get round to doing a post on my recent buys!) and of course the Sex Pistols, so I thought I could create a way that I could re-make this top to something more wearable!

Really I should have taken photos before and after and during the process but I didn't really know what i was doing until it was done, so I took some photos of another top trying to show you...

Here's what I did:

Step 1: Lay the top out on a flat surface, then fold it length ways in half

Step 2: Cut the armholes out (this is something I had to re-do later on)

Step 3: Cut along the top in a straight line

Step 4: If you want it to be cropped cut off a section of the bottom

Step 5: Seam some(or all) edges, leaving enough space to thread some ribbon through the halter area

Step 6: Thread some ribbon/ string/ anything and you're good to go!

Here's mine!

Let me know what you think of this type of DIY post?

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Friday, 9 May 2014

Indian Princess.

So while doing the nightly scroll through asos mum came across this little beauty of a hair accessory, I had been saying I love them but never bought one. This was only £12 and makes me feel like a complete princess. It's called 'ASOS beaded hair crown- Pearl' I completely love it! I've worn it with my kimono, jeans and a cami today, and done Indian inspired makeup using Illamasqua products and the Naked 2 pallete by Urban Decay. 

I'll do a post later on my other goodies from ASOS, thanks for viewing xo