Saturday, 28 September 2013

'Flutter Moth Print Shorts'

In my Brighton post I wrote about the shorts I bought from Topshop, on the website they're called 'Flutter Moth Print Shorts'. I love them, I'd been looking for some 'dressy' shorts for a while and I instantly fell in love with these. So far I've worn them with a Topshop cami in 'Mint'. This gives a really summery look, but the shorts also look great with a jumper and tights. I adore the print on these it's so pretty yet has a darker side to it.



Friday, 27 September 2013

Birthday Treats!

So me and Sue went and chose our birthday presents for each other last Sunday, and last Friday I went with Will. Both trips ended up in Vivienne Westwood in Nottingham! It has to be one of my favourite places! On Friday Will bought me a ring, its a thin ring with a black filled in Orb but he wouldn't let me take a photo so you'll all have to wait till Wednesday just like me! When me and Sue got ours we had to take some photos, we bought each other earrings. I love both our pairs so much, they're so us. We wanted to get something special for each other because we're turning seventeen and we like pretty things really. So here they are!

These are mine:

 I chose these because they are simple but gorgeous, black goes with everything and can be worn all the time!
 And here are my lovely Sue's:

Sue chose these because she loves sparkly things and pink, I love how the Orbs aren't horizontal on the hearts it gives them a cute quirkiness.
So beautiful ahhhhh can't wait for Wednesday!
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Student Lock In!

So last night me and my two friends Lucy and Elena went to the Meadowhall student lock in. It was so packed! I'm not great in busy shopping situations and put myself into gig mode which involves a lot of pushing(sorry!) but between the stressing over how busy it was I did get some pretty nice things! My first buy was a subway(girl gotta eat) but then we got down to some hardcore shopping, I got the fluffiest of fluffy jumpers from H&M! It's white(risking I know!) and I feel like a teddy bear in it! Here it is...

We played in Primark for a bit after that, they have some pretty nice stuff in at the moment. I almost bought a teal tube skirt but again was too scared! They have some great fluffy jumpers in and some very 90's school disco sparkly things!

After dreaming of this shirt from Topshop for ages, I finally bought it cause we got 20% off! I love it. It's so different!

 I also got this dress which is going to my birthday present from my Mamma. It's so pretty and girly! Can't wait to wear it!

Oh and I also fell in love with a Vivienne Westwood coat, I had to have a little try on um twice, but hey our lecturer Laura told us to! Excuse the awful photo of me but ahhh look at the masterpiece!
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Vivienne Westwood London Fashion Week.

I know that it's pretty late on but I'm finally blogging about our Queen Vivienne Westwood and her beautiful SS14 collection. The tailoring and shaping of the suits look absolutely amazing! My favorite 'suit' was this amazing yellow suit.

The prints for the collection are gorgeous,  very colorful for Viv yet is completely amazing. I love these three oufits, they all look quite wearable to me. I couldn't choose a favorite, I love them all!

These other looks also caught my eye, love this skirt and shirt I think its pretty old school Viv, really looks like it has a feel of punk to it. But the jumpsuit is sleek and sophisticated, love the neck line.


Another thing I loved about the SS14 show was the make up, she loves to go over the top with the models make up but they all looked incredible.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Sophia Webster.

So last week while reading Topshop's magazine 'the zine' I first saw the amazing shoes but Sophia Webster. They are absolutely gorgeous, fun and imaginative. Since then I have done research on her for college(our project is on shoes) which got me onto looking at her SS14 range. WOW it is amazing! All of her models at London Fashion week were made to look like bugs, sounds horrible but they looked so cute! are adorable, everything she does is so colourful and unique. Here are some photos of a few pairs of her amazing shoes!
These are my favourites!
& here's some of the published London Fashion Week photos, wish I knew the photographer love these photos& the set is fabulous!

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Sunday, 15 September 2013

London Fashion Week - Day 2.

So I've been having a nosey on the shows from today at London Fashion Week and wishing I was there! My two personal favourites from today so far are Orla Kiely and House of Holland. The clothing in both their shows were amazing, and the Orla Kiely show itself was so cute and creative. It looks like it would have been amazing to photograph, so much going on at once! Here are my three favourites from their collections:
House of Holland
I love all the colours in the SS14 collection, so many lovely pastels. I chose these three outfits as I love the colour and shape of the pink dress, it's something I would love to own as I can see that its highly influenced by the classic 1950's tea dress yet also has a 60's twist to it. The second dress I chose also has the 1950's style to it, the pattern on this dress is gorgeous too I love how harsh the roses look against the minimal colour. Lastly I like this suit again because of the contrast against the pastle blue and the black lace, the shirt has a very masculine feel due to the boxyness of it yet because of the lace it becomes very feminine.
 Orla Kiely
I think if I had the chance I would wear every item in the whole SS14 collection, everything is adorable. Personally I love yellow and navy together which is why I love this first outfit, it's so girly and casual. The short suit I think is fabulous, the colour is eye catching without being too bright, the pattern on it is so unique, and if you aren't completely in love with that panda bag there really must be something wrong! The last dress to me shouts sophisticated sailor, the light soft colour and synched waist would make this dress so easy to wear for spring or summer. Another thing I have to say I love about all the outfits is the socks, who knew they could look great with so many different outfits?!
(plus now I don't feel as silly wearing knee highs and sandals!)
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First Week at College.

So my first week of college is done. This week we spent two days doing induction work, this work was quite fun really we made 'Dolly Dresses' which were made from doodles about ourselves. They looked quite cute in the end! Here's mine:
Other than this we had chance to meet new people and get to know them, we had to find out the answers to strange questions like 'whats the strangest food you've ever eaten?' which in our group was dog biscuits, cat food & shark. My groups a quite nice group of people, I have a little group of like 4 friends who are all a quite like me.
The last day we were learning about shoes, our first project is architecturally inspired shoes. We spent some time mind mapping on different types and functions of shoes, then we did some research on Tea Petrovic who designed shoes influenced by sculptures by Nuam Gabo and Santiago Calatrava's architecture. Here are some examples their work & Tea Petrovic's shoes:
Last lesson we were looking at architecture, we had to print off different images in black and white, later on we were using these to collage over shoes we drew. This was also our homework, to design more of this type of shoes. Here's my homework designs:
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Sunday, 8 September 2013

College Bag.

I start college tomorrow! I'm going to Chesterfield to do a Fashion and Clothing course, which I'm getting really excited about. so I thought I'd show you what's in my college bag. I got my bag in the Fred Perry sale for such a bargain, absolutely love it! It's huge and I've been using it as a weekend bag but we were told we'd need a huge bag for college so its perfect.

 It's only got a few of the 'everyday' bits and bobs in on this, I've also got to take 2 large lever binder thingys so its gonna be pretty full!

This is a Pattern Master, its for drawing patterns and measuring (not quite sure how you use it yet, but hey ho!)

I hate boring notepads and ones that everyone will have so I bought a plain black wilkos one and decorated it with some pictures from some magazines that I liked, think it looks pretty cute! Need to do my other one still though.

I'm using the same pencil case as last year, its Liberty& Hello Kitty and I love it!
We have to take a 'toolbox' to put sewing equipment in and I don't have one of those and this is a bit more me, so it'll do the job!
Inside the box!
My Student Diary I was given with all the important dates.
 And lastly some sketching pencils, have coloured ones too but they're in the pencil case.
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Thursday, 5 September 2013


So Brighton was fabulous! Got there on Sunday and went straight to shopping! Went in some lovely shops, one of my favourites was one called 'Pretty Eccentric' it had beautiful dresses many that were 1920's inspired. This is the place where I got my new babies, new babies I hear you ask? Due to the amazing sale this beautiful shop had on I got not one but two pairs of Vivienne Westwood shoes! Still can't believe it myself! Also on the same day we went to another of my favourite shops 'Joy' where I got a great dog tooth dress and some new sunglasses! Oh we also got lots of cards from there too!

(loved these cuties in Irregular choice but they didn't have my size) 
 Sunday night meal out.

On Monday we went to Brighton Pier and Brighton Pavilion, the pavilion is beautiful! It's so unbelivable how detailed everything inside is, each room was more beautiful than the one before. Couldn't take photos inside but got some of the outside though!


We went in Choccywokkydoodah!

Went shopping on Monday too, saw some pretty things but just got a back up mac lipstick of my favourite pink "cream cup".
Wore my new babies out for tea with one of my favourite vintage dresses! It was lovely!

Tuesday morning before we went we did one last Brighton shop, got such a cute outfit from topshop. A light blue cami which is floaty and some black silky shorts with butterflies on. The shorts look quite Ted Baker-y to me. So cute though! (will post photos when they're out the wash)

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