Saturday, 30 November 2013

Outfit, Hair & Makeup of the day!

So I'm quite liking todays outfit, and hair, and makeup. I was going to do a little picture tutorial on how I did the makeup but the photos came out pretty bad so I'm not posting them. Today's dress is my lovely Topshop autumny flowery dress, which I think is a bit 1950's tea dress-ish. I've also used a different foundation today which is Urban Decay's Naked Foundation (got a free sample so thought I'd give it a go) its a really nice foundation, it's quite watery yet gives a flawless natural finish. I used my Illamasqua eyeliner gel and brush to do my eyeliner flicks again, I can't believe how much easier using an angled brush and gel is to using a pen! Anyway here's some photos!

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Friday, 29 November 2013

My November.

So I thought I'd do a little post on my month, November has been pretty good really and looking back its been so busy! It started with the Halloween party(as this was on the 1st)
Me& Will had our autumny day, sad to see autumn going now but I love winter!
Me& my lovely Sue had a girly shopping day in Derby, went to Pizza Express& did some shopping.
& that night we went to a party at Charlotte's where I wore my new dress.

I went to a bonfire with Will's family, I love fire. I love taking photos of fire and just watching it, it's so beautiful the colours and shapes, how it moves.

I got a flower crown! At long last, its so pretty its from @stephanieveraftercrowns

This month also brought along mine and Will's anniversary! I cant believe that we have been together for a whole year! We went to the Indian and got all dressed up. It was so lovely.

I also had my mad few days in going to gigs, been out for a few dinners with Sue, went to the Brownie Christmas Bazaar(im a brownie helper, and training to be a leader) went to Manchester with college for a UCAS fair and did some cheeky shopping, went to my town's Christmas light switch on& a few other things too. Pretty busy right?!
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Sunday, 24 November 2013


Christmas is approaching and for me I am already knee deep into the Christmas jumper collection. I think that you should always have a range of Christmas jumpers, I love a good bit of fair isle but I can't resist a good cheesy vintage Christmas jumper. I guess for some you can determine what type of Christmas jumper wearer you are by your personality. So here's so questions and some lets say suggestions...

1. Do you like Christmas?

No?(how very dare you) here's a cheeky option from Tesco!

2. Do you like fair isle print?

Yes!! (again Tesco they have some really nice ones!)

No? Why not go for a cute gingerbread pattern? This ones from Topshop.

3. Do you like knitwear?
No? Why not check out this adorable sweater from Cath Kidson?
4. Do you like novelty Christmas doo-dahhhs?
YES! Why not take a look at this one from Topshop, with its adorable bow? or maybe transform yourself into a Christmas Pud?(again yay for Tesco!)

5. Are you a vintage lover?
If so get out and look around some vintage shops I've got two really cheesy Christmas jumpers which are vintage one that's covered in candy canes, bears, stockings, bows and you name it it's got its. & a sparkly nutcracker one! Have a dig or ask a relative you never know what treasures you could have in your family!
 So I hope this has helped you find out what type of jumper person you are, maybe, maybe not. Maybe you've seen something you liked? Anyway get festive all!
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New Playsuit!

I fell in love with this playsuit in Ark the other week but held off from buying it for some strange reason, after days of dreaming of it I finally got my friend who works there to get it for me. It's so comfy but also looks great on! I wore it to a meal the other night and dressed it up with black tights& black wedge ankle boots(& of course good hair and makeup!) I love the pattern and the shape of the playsuit. Here's a few photos... 

(Only down side to it was the toilet issue as it has a zip all the way up the back and buttons which is difficult to undo yourself!)
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Mum's Christmas Party Makeup.

So last night was my Mum's work Christmas do, so I did my lovely mother's makeup. She wanted something quite dramatic, and something different to her usual makeup. To start her makeup I put down a base on her eyes(I always start makeup with eyes as you can clean under the eyes better without foundation being ruined after) for this base I used a Mac paint pot in 'Painterly' I then used a Dior palette with navys and greys, to create the dramatic look. I used gel eyeliner and Illamasqua's angled brush to create the sleek flicks. I then used a combination of different foundations to achieve the flawless skin look, this was done by first applying my Mac primer then applying the foundations with the Real Techniques 'Expert Skin Brush' in small circles. I filled in the brows with a Mac brows pencil in spiked, powdered over the face and applied bronzer. The final additions were adding on individual eye lashes, I had never done this before but its so easy! All you do is put some of the glue on the back of your hand, pick up one of the lashes using tweezers, dip the end of the lash into the glue, line up the lash to the lash line and place it so its secure. I found these so much better than strips of lashes as you could build up the amount of thickness and length. I also added a few little sparkly ones to the end few lashes. We then chose the lipstick and gloss and mum was ready to go!

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Crazy Couple Of Days!

So after college on Tuesday I was whisked off to Leeds to see The Fratellis at the O2 Academy, they were absolutely amazing! They played a great set with an old song followed by a new one which I thought was a great way to introduce fans to the new material.

Wednesday we stayed in Leeds for the morning, I did some primary research in Harvey Nicholls on sleeves and collars for college took some photos dreamed of one day owning something as beautiful. I had my eyebrows threaded too!(big ouchys) We had a look round lots of shops in the Victoria Quarter, sadly found out the Viv bag I've been dreaming of is sold out but guess its not meant to be.

Went into Illamasqua and had my eyebrows filled in and my eyeliner redone, it has to be one of my favourite makeup brands now, I just love it so much 'makeup for your alter ego' is so right! I think it's great because its not just aimed at females but males too, there was an absolutely gorgeous transgender who worked there with flawless makeup. Mother bought me an angled brush for eyeliner which is amazing! I also got a Dr Martens bag but that's going away to Santa.

After shopping we headed home, rested for a bit then it was off to Birmingham for Arctic Monkeys. What can I say? They were phenomenal, it was like they weren't even real, because no one could be so perfect. We were standing and for the first 4 songs were at the front (3rd row baby!) but after how much pushing there was and ending up on the floor we went to the side where we had some space. It really was exceptional, the lights were amazing too. Alex Turner has such an amazing stage presence with his swanky suit and dad dancing (which now is just too fabulous) they played lots of new and old songs sounding even better than any of their recordings.

So there's my crazy two days, hope you enjoyed hearing about them! xo