Friday, 27 June 2014

A New Discovery! (Updated!)

I have made a fantastic discovery! I am very behind in making this discovery, but I have found that I am in love with disco pants! They are not only the comfiest things I have ever worn, but they look great on! oh and you can dance and not worry about flashing your pants! 

I wore my black pair last night with my missguided top, of course with my chunky heels. So here's some photos from the party and what my lovely friends wore;

I've also ordered two more pairs too! A hot pink pair and a light greeny blue pair!


So i wore my amazing bluey greeny ones on Saturday, styled pretty much the same as the black but instead of a white high neck i wore a simple black one.

So shiny and comfy!

Thanks for viewing!xo

Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Nights.

Sorry about not posting much recently but I just keep forgetting to get round to it, plus it's the end of my first college year so it's all been a bit mad. 

The other day we were all sent home early from college so the second years could get more of their work done, well we were sent to do 'independent work' which of course I did, we're doing pop art at the minute but I'll do a post on that another time! So when we'd done that me and Elena went to Meadowhall. I got a couple of goodies from the Victoria's Secret sale, all which are fabulous, and a playsuit from Miss Selfrige. 

I wore the new playsuit on Saturday for a party at Jodie's (go to for pictures of the night) I really love how I styled it too, I clashed the clean polka dot print with my floral kimono and some chunky heels. Here's some photos- 

Playsuit- Miss Selfrige
Kimono- ASOS
Shoes- Primark

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Summer Bucket List.

I've been lagging in the #summerbloggerchallenge and on week 3 this is my first post! But I love the topic this week! Now this post is going to take some serious thinking so here it goes...

My Summer Bucketlist:

1. YNOT! - I know it's already planned but it's something I can't wait for! Me& my friends went last year and I loved it, cannot wait to see the fratellis! 

2. Camp out- I want to pitch up my teepee and have all my friends round, very cheesy, very tumblr (yes I want fairy lights) 

3. London! - I'd love to go shopping and go to the Italian Designers exibit and the wedding dress' at the V&A.

4. Picnics! - I love picnics, I would really love to go to belper river gardens with all my friends for a picnic and go on the boats on the river.

5. Going out - 17 is a rubbish age where you can't sit on the park anymore but also can't go out drinking, I want to just go out driving to stupid places with the people I love, and have amazing memories. 

6. Shopping - no explanation needed.

7. Water fight! - I love crazy days where you can act like an idiot with your friends, I just want to get a load of water balloons and start a war! 

8. Loose weight- yes it's a dumb girl summer thing but this year I feel motivated and positive to exercise and eat better. I have a goal weight but not sharing.

9. Keep the pink going- loving my pink hair and hoping to keep it till mid August.

10. Start NP research& work- seeing all the second years go crazy because they haven't got enough time for final project makes me scared so I want to get started on research and starting designs in the holidays!

11. Making the most of everything! - honestly I'd love to do anything and everything, I want to catch up with the friends I haven't seen much, see my friends more, go out enjoy the sun, enjoy the time we can have together!

Thanks for reading this post, join the chat on Tuesday on Twitter with the hashtag #summerbloggerchallenge xo

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Last week I had a party with my friends because we were off school which gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my white jeans! 

Me and my best friend had been shopping on Wednesday looking for something to wear for the party but none of shops in Nottingham had anything I liked and if they did they didn't have my size! Useless! We ended up going to derby as well seeing as Nottingham was rubbish, they didn't have anything either! 

When we were in Nottingham we went to MAC and had false eyelashes put on, I really loved them but the staff in MAC were horrible, to be honest most of the sales assistant that day were! What ever happened to manners? 

All I ended up with was some fabric I needed from Hyson Green Market, eyelashes, a make up sponge and some much needed new black converse! 

So for the party I wore my white jeans from ASOS, my halter crop from Missguided, and my chunky heels from Primark. I felt really comfortable! 

I did my makeup quite dramatic, the eyelashes pushed me seeing as they made my eyes look bigger, so I used my urban decay 'NAKED 2' pallete, with some Illamasqua pigment for my eyes with my YSL liner, my new foundation 'heathy mix gel serum' by Bourjois, Illamasqua eyebrow cake in 'Thunder' for dark angled brows. To add a slight contour I used my MAC illuminating powder in 'Perfect Topping' and Bare Minerals bronzer. To finish the look I added MAC's 'Creme Cup' lipstick for pale pink lips. 

Thanks for viewing lovelies xo