Sunday, 3 November 2013


So autumn is officially here with its falling leaves and beautiful colours, personally I love autumn you get to wear jumpers and on clear days everything looks so lovely and rich in colour. In autumn I love to go out and take photos of the changes, this is something I've been doing on and off for a while as me and mum used to take photos of the changes through the seasons. Today me and Will went on a little walk, as we did last year when we had just started seeing each other, which is another reason I love this season as it has lots of good memories. In autumn I try my best to wear 'autumnal colours' like browns and burgundy, which I don't really wear much of normally. I have recently found one of my dad's scarf which I may have now claimed as my own as it is so gorgeous, it's Hugo Boss and is such a lovely colour and is amazingly soft. Here's a few photos from my day...

Also last week we went on a trip to Chatsworth with college and I got some pretty nice photos so I thought i'd share them too...


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  1. I really should visit Chatsworth, it's not far from me at all! Lovely to meet you. I'm following now. x


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