Saturday, 30 November 2013

Outfit, Hair & Makeup of the day!

So I'm quite liking todays outfit, and hair, and makeup. I was going to do a little picture tutorial on how I did the makeup but the photos came out pretty bad so I'm not posting them. Today's dress is my lovely Topshop autumny flowery dress, which I think is a bit 1950's tea dress-ish. I've also used a different foundation today which is Urban Decay's Naked Foundation (got a free sample so thought I'd give it a go) its a really nice foundation, it's quite watery yet gives a flawless natural finish. I used my Illamasqua eyeliner gel and brush to do my eyeliner flicks again, I can't believe how much easier using an angled brush and gel is to using a pen! Anyway here's some photos!

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  1. Love the make up!

    It will mean a lot if you have time to check our blog and maybe follow us if you like it ?

    Hope to see you soon on it!

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

    1. Thankyou so much, your blog is lovely will definitely be giving it a follow:)


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