Sunday, 24 November 2013


Christmas is approaching and for me I am already knee deep into the Christmas jumper collection. I think that you should always have a range of Christmas jumpers, I love a good bit of fair isle but I can't resist a good cheesy vintage Christmas jumper. I guess for some you can determine what type of Christmas jumper wearer you are by your personality. So here's so questions and some lets say suggestions...

1. Do you like Christmas?

No?(how very dare you) here's a cheeky option from Tesco!

2. Do you like fair isle print?

Yes!! (again Tesco they have some really nice ones!)

No? Why not go for a cute gingerbread pattern? This ones from Topshop.

3. Do you like knitwear?
No? Why not check out this adorable sweater from Cath Kidson?
4. Do you like novelty Christmas doo-dahhhs?
YES! Why not take a look at this one from Topshop, with its adorable bow? or maybe transform yourself into a Christmas Pud?(again yay for Tesco!)

5. Are you a vintage lover?
If so get out and look around some vintage shops I've got two really cheesy Christmas jumpers which are vintage one that's covered in candy canes, bears, stockings, bows and you name it it's got its. & a sparkly nutcracker one! Have a dig or ask a relative you never know what treasures you could have in your family!
 So I hope this has helped you find out what type of jumper person you are, maybe, maybe not. Maybe you've seen something you liked? Anyway get festive all!
Thanks for viewing!xo

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