Friday, 22 November 2013

Crazy Couple Of Days!

So after college on Tuesday I was whisked off to Leeds to see The Fratellis at the O2 Academy, they were absolutely amazing! They played a great set with an old song followed by a new one which I thought was a great way to introduce fans to the new material.

Wednesday we stayed in Leeds for the morning, I did some primary research in Harvey Nicholls on sleeves and collars for college took some photos dreamed of one day owning something as beautiful. I had my eyebrows threaded too!(big ouchys) We had a look round lots of shops in the Victoria Quarter, sadly found out the Viv bag I've been dreaming of is sold out but guess its not meant to be.

Went into Illamasqua and had my eyebrows filled in and my eyeliner redone, it has to be one of my favourite makeup brands now, I just love it so much 'makeup for your alter ego' is so right! I think it's great because its not just aimed at females but males too, there was an absolutely gorgeous transgender who worked there with flawless makeup. Mother bought me an angled brush for eyeliner which is amazing! I also got a Dr Martens bag but that's going away to Santa.

After shopping we headed home, rested for a bit then it was off to Birmingham for Arctic Monkeys. What can I say? They were phenomenal, it was like they weren't even real, because no one could be so perfect. We were standing and for the first 4 songs were at the front (3rd row baby!) but after how much pushing there was and ending up on the floor we went to the side where we had some space. It really was exceptional, the lights were amazing too. Alex Turner has such an amazing stage presence with his swanky suit and dad dancing (which now is just too fabulous) they played lots of new and old songs sounding even better than any of their recordings.

So there's my crazy two days, hope you enjoyed hearing about them! xo

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