Saturday, 10 August 2013

Hell Bunny Dress.

Now I really do love hell bunny dresses they are so lovely, also you can get so many varities some can be 'grunge' style but they also do beautiful vintage style patterns on the vintage style dress. This week we went to a lovely shop in Stratford called 'Aspire'. It was filled with lots of different brands of gorgeous dresses and lovely clothes! When I saw my dress my heart skipped a beat it is so beautiful, it's fun yet classy i'd say! It was fifty five pounds worth of beauty. I have never seen a hell bunny dress with the same cross over work on the bust line. What makes it even better is the name of the dress 'sassy blue'. Anyway without further ado heres the dress, and some pose-y photos(sorry!)

its good to have a hairdresser as a mum!

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