Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dr Martens post!

I've posted my love of docs here before but its back again! I got a new pair yesterday,  some of the gorgeous Agnes Deyn collection. This brings my total up to.....7! So today I got them all out and lined them up (got to say they look great!) and took some photos. I don't think I could put my love of docs into words, they are just the best shoes ever really. Theyre so comfy, and in the winter they keep you warm (the hot weather is kinda making me a little sad cause I want to wear them!) , in my opinion they look really good too! All the styles, patterns and colours you can get now amazes me!(even when I just want some plain matte black ones now!)

heres the collection!

ankle highs.

I wear these the most, they were my second pair.

These were from good results last year.

Christmas presents, which I haven't worn much yet (this makes me sad)

high boots.

Had these for Christmas too, 21 eyelet beauties!

These were my first docs, I wear them in the snow mostly now.

My newest editions, gorgeous Agnes Dyens.
Pretty detail.

Last years school docs, lasted better than any other school shoes ive ever had ( usually go through 3 pairs of converse)


All together!
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