Monday, 26 August 2013

The Fashion Sketchpad

I have something really cool to show you which I've had a while but never posted before, sounds boring to some but its a sketch book. Not an ordinary sketch book though one specifically designed for designing clothes. It has some pages in the front some explanation pages, a 'garment encyclopaedia', 'textile glossary', 'industry terms',  recommended reading sites and the rest is filled with 420 croquis. Another fabulous thing about it is when you photograph or scan your designs the body outlines disappear! This amazing book was created by and you can get it on amazon for under £10! Which its definitely worth! I got mine as a present from a lovely lady called Alison.

Here's some photos!

The front is simple with little shiny silver dots all over and a 'designs by:' space for your name

The image below will take you to the book on amazon.

thanks for viewing, hope you found this helpful!
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