Saturday, 24 August 2013

Results Day!

So a couple of days ago I got my GCSE results! I was so happy, this year I worked incredibly hard for my GCSEs and gladly it all paid off. My three favourite subjects are Art, History and English(literature) in all these subjects I got A's. I a B's in Science and ICT& a C in RE. So obviously we had to celebrate! We had a celebratory get together at my house! Here's some photos!

Me& Mum before I collected my results.

This is my boyfriend Will showing off his 'farmer chic' outfit.

My best friend Sue looking like a princess as always and our friend 'butler Luke'.

Me, Charlotte and Jodie.

Me and Lauren (who later on got dragged into a hot tub fully dressed)

Me& Sue.

Me& Manya (who always looks fabulous! loving her illustrated people two piece!)

Just a group shot of everyone having a good time!
thanks for viewing! xo

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