Friday, 27 September 2013

Student Lock In!

So last night me and my two friends Lucy and Elena went to the Meadowhall student lock in. It was so packed! I'm not great in busy shopping situations and put myself into gig mode which involves a lot of pushing(sorry!) but between the stressing over how busy it was I did get some pretty nice things! My first buy was a subway(girl gotta eat) but then we got down to some hardcore shopping, I got the fluffiest of fluffy jumpers from H&M! It's white(risking I know!) and I feel like a teddy bear in it! Here it is...

We played in Primark for a bit after that, they have some pretty nice stuff in at the moment. I almost bought a teal tube skirt but again was too scared! They have some great fluffy jumpers in and some very 90's school disco sparkly things!

After dreaming of this shirt from Topshop for ages, I finally bought it cause we got 20% off! I love it. It's so different!

 I also got this dress which is going to my birthday present from my Mamma. It's so pretty and girly! Can't wait to wear it!

Oh and I also fell in love with a Vivienne Westwood coat, I had to have a little try on um twice, but hey our lecturer Laura told us to! Excuse the awful photo of me but ahhh look at the masterpiece!
Anyways thanks for viewing!xo

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