Friday, 27 September 2013

Birthday Treats!

So me and Sue went and chose our birthday presents for each other last Sunday, and last Friday I went with Will. Both trips ended up in Vivienne Westwood in Nottingham! It has to be one of my favourite places! On Friday Will bought me a ring, its a thin ring with a black filled in Orb but he wouldn't let me take a photo so you'll all have to wait till Wednesday just like me! When me and Sue got ours we had to take some photos, we bought each other earrings. I love both our pairs so much, they're so us. We wanted to get something special for each other because we're turning seventeen and we like pretty things really. So here they are!

These are mine:

 I chose these because they are simple but gorgeous, black goes with everything and can be worn all the time!
 And here are my lovely Sue's:

Sue chose these because she loves sparkly things and pink, I love how the Orbs aren't horizontal on the hearts it gives them a cute quirkiness.
So beautiful ahhhhh can't wait for Wednesday!
Thanks for viewing!xo

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