Sunday, 8 September 2013

College Bag.

I start college tomorrow! I'm going to Chesterfield to do a Fashion and Clothing course, which I'm getting really excited about. so I thought I'd show you what's in my college bag. I got my bag in the Fred Perry sale for such a bargain, absolutely love it! It's huge and I've been using it as a weekend bag but we were told we'd need a huge bag for college so its perfect.

 It's only got a few of the 'everyday' bits and bobs in on this, I've also got to take 2 large lever binder thingys so its gonna be pretty full!

This is a Pattern Master, its for drawing patterns and measuring (not quite sure how you use it yet, but hey ho!)

I hate boring notepads and ones that everyone will have so I bought a plain black wilkos one and decorated it with some pictures from some magazines that I liked, think it looks pretty cute! Need to do my other one still though.

I'm using the same pencil case as last year, its Liberty& Hello Kitty and I love it!
We have to take a 'toolbox' to put sewing equipment in and I don't have one of those and this is a bit more me, so it'll do the job!
Inside the box!
My Student Diary I was given with all the important dates.
 And lastly some sketching pencils, have coloured ones too but they're in the pencil case.
Bit of a different post but, thanks for viewing!xo

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