Sunday, 15 September 2013

First Week at College.

So my first week of college is done. This week we spent two days doing induction work, this work was quite fun really we made 'Dolly Dresses' which were made from doodles about ourselves. They looked quite cute in the end! Here's mine:
Other than this we had chance to meet new people and get to know them, we had to find out the answers to strange questions like 'whats the strangest food you've ever eaten?' which in our group was dog biscuits, cat food & shark. My groups a quite nice group of people, I have a little group of like 4 friends who are all a quite like me.
The last day we were learning about shoes, our first project is architecturally inspired shoes. We spent some time mind mapping on different types and functions of shoes, then we did some research on Tea Petrovic who designed shoes influenced by sculptures by Nuam Gabo and Santiago Calatrava's architecture. Here are some examples their work & Tea Petrovic's shoes:
Last lesson we were looking at architecture, we had to print off different images in black and white, later on we were using these to collage over shoes we drew. This was also our homework, to design more of this type of shoes. Here's my homework designs:
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