Friday, 9 May 2014

Indian Princess.

So while doing the nightly scroll through asos mum came across this little beauty of a hair accessory, I had been saying I love them but never bought one. This was only £12 and makes me feel like a complete princess. It's called 'ASOS beaded hair crown- Pearl' I completely love it! I've worn it with my kimono, jeans and a cami today, and done Indian inspired makeup using Illamasqua products and the Naked 2 pallete by Urban Decay. 

I'll do a post later on my other goodies from ASOS, thanks for viewing xo


  1. Tracy Eggleton-Akers11 May 2014 at 06:32

    Loving the blog!! Like seeing all the different outfits and how you are wearing them!! Hair colour is spot on

  2. I've got a similair hair accessoire but I'm waiting for the weather to get a bit better so I can wear it with floral dresses and such <3

    It looks good on you so can't wait to try it!



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