Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wedding Attire.

On Saturday night we went to wedding, always the perfect excuse to get all dressed up! So I'd ordered a new dress, it was the first time I'd ordered from Misguided to say how much the dress cost it's really really nice! I love the colour, shape and how it flows, the only downside was the fit really, when I tried it on the first time it was fine but when I put it on the night before the wedding the straps seemed too long and were making the front not sit quite right. It was an easily fixable problem really I just had to sew the straps a little shorter, which I'm guessing is because of my lack of boobs to hold it up. 

My mums dress was from Asos, I really loved the colour and shape of her dress! We've both gotten into fake tanning this week and St Tropez is now our best friend! Jess' jumpsuit was from New Look.

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