Wednesday, 21 May 2014

TV Fame!

On Saturday Dickinsons Real Deal came to Alfreton so me, my Mamma and Grandad just had to go! We love the show and were all really excited! It was really interesting to see how they do everything and its not as simple as it looks on telly!

When we got there we were given a number, ours was 42. We then went over to where they were filming the introduction to the show, they also filmed the 'welcome back after the break' and 'we've had a great day, bye' kinda things at the beginning too, watch out for me in these bits because for some I'm right in the middle. After that everyone sat down and waited for the groups to go up and have their 'valuables' valued. This is when a man came over to talk to me and asked to see my item as I looked 'interesting' and 'good for the show'. We went to a lady and talked through the story of what we had brought, a synthetic ruby ring. After this was a lot of filling forms and waiting round, but after a while I got miked up, had to say some cringey things in front of the camera, then got on with our deal! I was surprised how confident I was as in front of cameras I get really nervous speaking. Anyway I'm not going to tell you the outcome, as I'll wait and see if my deal has made it onto ITV! 

Here's some photos from the day...

Me& my dealer

With the man himself David Dickinson!

 Grandad, Me, David and Mamma.

After this I went and bought fake tan as you can see my ghostly presence next to everyone!

Thanks for viewing!xo 

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