Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tea For Two!

I cannot believe what a gorgeous day it's been! Me& mum went to Chatsworth for afternoon tea today (yes more afternoon tea, very English, very lovely!) it was gorgeous! We sat out in the sunshine before we went in, there was so many people at Chatsworth! We were saying how so many people don't know how to dress for this type of weather because you think it's colder than it is, but it looks really sunny! Some people were still in full coats and heavy clothes, others in their summer wardrobe. Me and mum chose the summer wardrobe option! I wasn't cold at all and this is what I wore! I had a small cropped cardigan on too but that was on 3/4 sleeves. 

sneeky instagram selfie...

The afternoon tea itself was lovely! We had little sandwiches, fruit scones with jam and cream and little puddings which were a chocolate moose, strawberry moose and jelly slice and a chocolate profiterole. Not to mention a glass of Champagne each too, which is always a fabulous edition! The staff at Chatsworth are really lovely too! My days with my Mum are always so lovely, I'm so lucky to have such a fabulous mum! 

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  1. Nice pictures dear!!! Kisses

  2. You are the cutest! I love this look and your hair is absolutely adorable! The pink is so becoming :)

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