Friday, 7 February 2014

Blue Banana Directions Competition

Hey everyone! I had an email the other morning from Blue Banana telling me that I've won the Directions hair dye blogger competition! I'm so excited! And shocked! Can't wait to choose a colour to try first I'll do a post as soon I get them! Thank you to all those who've viewed the post, and especially to Blue Banana for choosing me as the winner! This is the first competition I've won through blogging and it's made me a lot more confident to enter more and hopefully blog in general more! My blog has the most views in a month that it's ever has last month that must mean it's getting out to a lot more people now, which is great!  Thank you if you're a usual viewer or a new viewer, feel free to leave any comments on any posts- questions or anything. 

Again- thank you for viewing!xo

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