Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Green hair.

So last week I tried out l'oreal hair chalks on the blonde sections of my hair. The main colour I used was a green called 'garden party', I really loved this colour it was so vivid. The 'chalks' are liquids and are said to last 2 washes, they make your hair feel really dry to touch but I chose to use non heat forms of styling to curl my hair so I didn't damage it or to dry it out further. After one wash on my hair the colour went an awful pale green, which resulted in my texting my wonderful hairdresser of a mother, with the text 'help, I look like the sea'. She then had to wash my hair first with a hair oil called mythic oil, then washing with a volume shampoo recommended by l'oreal. All in all I would probably use the hair chalks again, probably even the green because I really did love the colour and how the main brown of my hair and the green looked together. So out of ten I'd give the brightness of the chalk a 10, the feel of it on would have to be a 5 because the green did run when I had watery eyes that ran into my hair and the texture was straw-like, and the lasting power would have to be a 5 too because maybe if I had washed it in different shampoo or maybe for less time it would have lasted better.

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