Friday, 24 January 2014

Directions colour- Flamingo Pink.

So the other day I was looking on the blue banana site and they're doing a blog off I guess I'd called it to win all 22 gorgeous shades of directions colour. I love bright hair and would love to experiment with some of the other great colours from directions. Currently I would say apple green is the colour I'm loving the most from them, it's so vivid and rich really the perfect green, although 'alpine' looks phenomenal. I used 'flamingo pink' when I've had pink hair in the past and again it really is the perfect pink! It's a hot pink that can look great as a colour flash or as an all over colour. My friend has used 'Atlantic blue' before and I couldn't believe how bright it went, a real stunning blue! I think if you an ombré look using carnation pink as the main colour fading to lavender and into lilac would look beautiful for a spring summer look. I've got admit I miss having red hair and would love to try the different shades that la riche have to offer, 'pillarbox red' and 'rubine' are my favorites of the red shades. 

Here's some photos of my pink hair!



Here's all the colours available from the directions range!

Hope you've all enjoyed this post, bit different to the usual but hope to do a few more like this! (also blue banana if you're reading hope this makes me in the running to win!) thanks guys xo

Here's the links to the blue banana website- 

Flamingo pink:

Apple green:

And the general directions page: 

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