Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Anti-Prom Queen.

Friday night was the night of my best friend Beth's prom, but after thinking the pros and cons of prom she had decided not to go. But she still wanted to get dressed up and go out so we went out for a really fancy meal at Stones in Matlock. Which was a really lovely night, after getting through all the hectic 'prom transport traffic' there was some real 'out there' ways this year!

I found with prom that the best bit of prom was the getting ready so we got ready together and I did her hair and make up, well make up we did together as Beth likes to wear more than me! Bethany looked absolutely beautiful! We went up to the market to see her friends and get some photos, sadly it was raining so we didn't get to see most peoples dresses or get many photos.

Although what Beth wore for anti-prom was simple, she still looked glamorous and obviously like a princess which is always the aim! She also wore my gorgeous flower crown from @stephanieeveraftercrowns which is now the official anti-prom queen crown!

Here's a few photos of the official anti-prom queen...

Thanks for viewing my lovelies! Have you had your prom this year? Leave me links in the comments and i'll check out your posts!xo


  1. Love the flower crown!

  2. such dolls :D absolutely gorgeous! we don't really have proms here haha! x


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