Friday, 20 December 2013

Clothes show!

So we went to the clothes show with college last week, it was crazy. The beauty area was amazing, so many makeup brands and hair stuff. I spent about £30 in the first ten minutes! Which I don't regret at all! First of all we went to models own where you got 5 nail varnishes for £10, and you got a free goodie pack! Then to bare minerals, I got the starter kit which is meant to be about £40 which I got for £20 that has loads in, 2 foundations, a bronzer, a setting powder, a concealer, a concealer brush, and two different face brushes- BARGAIN! I was a little disappointed with the clothes stalls, for me it was alright because they had a few nice vintage ones but most of the others were like crappy market stalls, or slutty dresses. We went to the main show which was great and we went to see this years Top Models do their thing! My favourite was Angel she's so adorable! I got a 80s velour black dress! I'm talking proper 80s, off the shoulders, rosette in the middle 80s dress! A pink spotty dress which is adorable, and a blouse that is circus themed with an elephant and a seal on!! Pastely adorableness!! I also got some sleep in rollers, sparkly of course! They're pretty good, I got free hairspray and a round brush, all this for only £10!  

Here's some photos!

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