Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas makeup!

For Christmas I got the Illamasqua skin trinity which is the hydro-gel, skin base foundation and skin base lift. These products are all incredible, I have had lots of problems with my skin at the moment including eczema on my eyes and very dry and itchy bloches on my cheeks, yet the hydro-veil has seemed to help these as it seems to do a lot more than just prime the skin, the skin base lift completely covers all the redness around my eyes and the foundation is so long lasting and covers all redness on my cheeks and all spots. The other Illamasqua set I got was the black Christmas gift set, this includes a pigment eyeshadow in 'Zeitgeist' which is a sparkly black, a pressed matte black eyeshadow called 'Obsidian', a sealing gel, an amazing pair of eye lashes, brow cake in 'Thunder', masquara in 'Raven', an eyeliner pencil in 'S.O.P.H.I.E', an absolutely amazing liquid eyeliner and a nude lipgloss. This set is truly fabulous, already created so many looks with it! Plus it came with a booklet on how to create different looks.

 Here's some photos of my goodies... 

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