Sunday, 15 June 2014

Summer Bucket List.

I've been lagging in the #summerbloggerchallenge and on week 3 this is my first post! But I love the topic this week! Now this post is going to take some serious thinking so here it goes...

My Summer Bucketlist:

1. YNOT! - I know it's already planned but it's something I can't wait for! Me& my friends went last year and I loved it, cannot wait to see the fratellis! 

2. Camp out- I want to pitch up my teepee and have all my friends round, very cheesy, very tumblr (yes I want fairy lights) 

3. London! - I'd love to go shopping and go to the Italian Designers exibit and the wedding dress' at the V&A.

4. Picnics! - I love picnics, I would really love to go to belper river gardens with all my friends for a picnic and go on the boats on the river.

5. Going out - 17 is a rubbish age where you can't sit on the park anymore but also can't go out drinking, I want to just go out driving to stupid places with the people I love, and have amazing memories. 

6. Shopping - no explanation needed.

7. Water fight! - I love crazy days where you can act like an idiot with your friends, I just want to get a load of water balloons and start a war! 

8. Loose weight- yes it's a dumb girl summer thing but this year I feel motivated and positive to exercise and eat better. I have a goal weight but not sharing.

9. Keep the pink going- loving my pink hair and hoping to keep it till mid August.

10. Start NP research& work- seeing all the second years go crazy because they haven't got enough time for final project makes me scared so I want to get started on research and starting designs in the holidays!

11. Making the most of everything! - honestly I'd love to do anything and everything, I want to catch up with the friends I haven't seen much, see my friends more, go out enjoy the sun, enjoy the time we can have together!

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