Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mac eyeshadow review (update)

For prom I bought 4 eyeshadow a from mac in the 'build your own palette' kind of thing. These were the colours that I had my makeup done at mac with, different purples. I was so impressed with the finish on the day at mac, and was so surprised I got such a good result when doing it myself! The colours went on really well and blended nicely too, they layered to create drama which was what I wanted them to do. I give these mac eyeshadows at least a 9/10 they had a lovely finish and lasted through the night and to the next morning (she says with shame) the only reason these are not a ten is the price, they are expensive but worth the money.

 I had them put into a palette heres some photos:

Pink freeze
Purple haze 
Shadowy lady 

Think these are the right names as they are off my face chart- here's a photo: 

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