Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Vintage Clothes

I love vintage clothes and collect them, some of these are things I've bought and others are family hand-me-downs, anyways enjoy...

This was my mum's.

This was from The Vintage Faire- £30

This was my Mamma Ruby's

This was from Matlock Antique Centre

My mum's friend Jane gave me this after an 80's weekend.

This is the underskirt my mamma's friend gave me, it's too big so I use it as a dress.

These are wedding suits my mamma had for weddings, I love the blouse.

1950's dress from Backlash in Nottingham

Cute dress from the vintage fair

Charity shop bargain.
Free cardy from the Vintage Fair

Belt from A Vintage Obsession, skirt from I think was Braderie in Nottingham

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